What are Motivational Listening Skills?

What are Motivational Listening Skills?

Motivational Listening Skills get people to think about their school work/life, clarify anything that is a cause of concern and create a plan of action for overcoming the problems and for moving forward.

The motivation comes from the fact that the plan of action is THEIRS, not yours. You don’t tell them what to do: they work it out for themselves and the motivation soars. Simple! Yes but not easy!

It’s not easy because we all think we have answers to other people’s problems and, more significantly, think that other people want to hear them. More often than not they don’t, even if they might say they do!

What are the uses of Motivational Listening?

This way of enthusing people to find solutions to their difficulties has been found effective in a range of situations in education and in at work:

  • Motivational/Academic Coaching
  • Counselling
  • Staff supervision and mentoring
  • Parent Meetings
  • Client Meetings
  • Team Meetings

Training in Motivational Listening Skills

Motivational Listening Skills has a distinct whilst flexible structure which can be learnt on a two and a half day course. The course usually comprises one full day seminar and three two hour seminars with at least one individual session for each participant. The course is run on a participatory basis and nearly always leaves participants themselves feeling highly motivated.

In the context of education, the course can be linked with the Student Motivation Questionnaire (SMQ) an online instrument for measuring student emotional well-being or happiness and indicating the kind of support they need.

In most of our programmes for schools, whether in the UK or Internationally, we always try and build in a self-sufficiency aspect by training up in school trainers who can train new staff to deal with staff turnover.