Counselling and Listening Services

Establishing a Service in Your School

Student Counselling – Establishing a Service in Your School

Most schools would love to have a one-to-one Counselling Service that can offer help to students whose personal, study or behaviour difficulties cause significant blocks to learning and achievement. The Motivated Learning Trust has developed a way of enabling schools to set up their own counselling service staffed by their teachers and provides an on-going group supervision service for the trained staff.

Academic Coaching or Academic Tutoring

Academic tutoring is a formalised and regular way of focusing on students’ academic work and setting targets for greater motivation and achievement

The programme that The Motivated Learning Trust has developed includes:

  • Establishing systems for termly academic tutoring interviews
  • Consultancy and advice on setting up the appropriate recording and follow-up systems
  • Training in motivational listening skills for staff who are involved in the academic tutoring interviews, including developing a ‘script’ adapted specifically to the school’s needs
  • Training in and the application of The Scale of Student Motivation
  • Follow-up support and monitoring
  • Senior Management Training

Staff Support and Staff Support Systems

It is a truism that a school’s staff is its greatest asset. The Motivated Learning Trust has found that staff enthusiasm and motivation – which leads directly to enhanced teaching and student attainment – increase significantly if a school support service based on regular listening sessions for staff is implemented. The Motivated Learning Trust can help structure such a support system and provide training and advice which can be managed on a regular on-going basis.

Listening in Business and the Professions

“Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.”
– Bernard Baruch, 1870–1965

Bernard Baruch was a highly successful American financier: a true ‘Wall Street Legend’, he was an advisor to Woodrow Wilson in the First World War and to Franklin D Roosevelt in the Second. Winston Churchill was a visitor to his home in South Carolina. Not only was he successful but he also moved in circles of successful people.

The most successful firms give a lot of attention to listening in all aspects of their business from client relations to staff support and supervision. The principle is the same as with our work in schools, motivation is increased and staff work harder and client relationships improve.

The Motivated Learning Trust works with firms large and small, offering training courses in active listening as well as individual coaching and teamwork and facilitating staff events.