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Training and Consultancy in Motivational Listening Skills

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Training and Consultancy in Counselling & Motivational Listening Skills

The Motivated Learning Trust offers the following services:

  • Counselling
  • Listening Skills Training
  • The Student Motivation Questionnaire

The Student Movitation Questionnaire (SMQ)
SMQ is a powerful tool for measuring a student’s emotional health with regard to school and studying.
Find out more about our SMQ Tool here

What do our clients say…

Andrew Homden

Andrew Homden

Principal, / Jumeira Baccalaureate School

Peter has been a visiting trainer to a number of large international schools with which I have been associated over the last fifteen years. His work is inspiring, challenging, and insightful. It has lasting impact. Jumeira Baccalaureate School has grown rapidly from just 90 students in September 2010 to some 850 in 2014. In a period of such growth it is especially important that staff (teachers and support staff alike) learn to listen to their students effectively and to deal with their social and emotional needs in often pressured circumstances. Peter’s Listening Skills training has helped us to cope effectively and to take control. His in-service training and supervision of experienced counselling staff has also been important, as has his advice in the development of our counselling policy and procedures. The student motivation questionnaire is a unique instrument that has helped the school to track the emotional well-being of our students. It not only enables us to identify the need for early support intervention, but by cross referencing academic assessment data with the results of the SMQ, staff can support students in a targeted programme of academic tutoring designed to enhance academic progress and attainment set in the context of understanding individual students far more effectively. It has been a pleasure to see our students mature so rapidly in the last three years. This is a tribute to the students themselves and staff alike. In a very happy school, we in turn owe a great deal to Peter and his work.

Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas

Head Teacher / HMYOI Feltham

I first started working with the Motivated Learning Trust (MLT) in 1997. I had just arrived as Deputy Head in a London school which had recently suffered a very serious and traumatic incident which affected the whole community. Peter and his team provided outstanding support for us during a very difficult period; they worked with students and staff over the subsequent year and helped everyone to come to terms with our loss and grief. As is sometimes the case, out of circumstances which tested us to the limit comes good, and the active listening skills used to provide support developed into an academic tutoring program. The MLT worked with us to design a program which was ‘ours’ and we used it across the school to help young people achieve better outcomes. The results were impressive; at the time this was pioneering work which empowered students to take responsibility in identifying areas for improvement and in implementing an action plan. The MLT team trained many staff and gave them the skills to carry out this work. I still use today much of what I learned then. I left the school in 2002 to take on my own headship but continued to work with the MLT as it was developing the Student Motivation Questionnaire as an aid to identifying the emotional wellbeing (or otherwise!) of secondary students. I am sure this will be an asset in providing rapid support for those young people that need it most. Peter has a deep understanding of what makes people tick, which comes as no surprise for someone who has spent most of his life developing listening skills programmes. He also has an energy and enthusiasm, when passing on his expertise, which is infectious to all those around him, and has been heard to be called “inspirational”! I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the MLT, an organization that has a deep commitment to the development and empowerment of young people.